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Since last 7 years "Balaji Foundation" is trying to achieve its goal of bringing happiness to those children who are suffering from congenital heart defects. There are nearly 1,80,000 children born in India with CHD every year. Though it's a completely curable heart disease but the costly surgery is been a big trouble for the economically challenged families. Through “Balaji Foundation” we are trying to reach those kids who are suffering from CHD and take complete responsibility of their diagnosis, surgery and post surgery medicines.


2533 Kids in 15 Districts

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“Balaji Foundation” was incorporated in 2010 by Dr. Ramesh S Kagzi with a noble intention to help the underprivileged children fighting with congenital heart diseases. He and his team of therapist have done successfully hundreds of heart surgeries of children fighting with CHD which are completely free of cost. We have many volunteers actively working in various cities and rural areas to identify CHD patients whose families are unable to undergo the treatment process as well as they are also executing workshops to spread awareness.

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“We are endeavoring to offer TOTAL CARDIOLOGY CARDIOVASCULAR & CARDIOTHORACIC CARE UNDER ONE ROOF AT A VERY AFFORDABLE COST so that everyone irrespective of their socio-economic background can avail of the most modern, surgical & non-surgical technologies & convenient treatment modalities”

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“It is our policy of using the best possible, international standard drugs, disposables & equipment, so as to give the patient the best possible results. We also upgrade our institute from time to time with all US FDA approved latest available, internationally used equipment and instruments. Our policy is also to provide services that are exceedingly appreciable and up to the satisfaction as per the patient’s day-to-day demands”.


Doctor Ramesh S. Kagzi

Dr. Ramesh S Kagzi

founder & president

Dr. Ramesh S Kagzi

Founder & President

Dr. Ramesh S Kagzi is the Trustee and founder of “Balaji Hospital, Mumbai” and the mind behind “Balaji Foundation”. Dr. Kagzi is a senior surgeon having many years of experience. He founded Balaji Hospital in the year of “2000” and running successfully till date. Thousands of surgeries are successfully done at “Balaji Hospital” under his supervision.

Mrs Beena Ramesh Kagzi

Mrs Beena Ramesh Kagzi


Mrs. Beena Ramesh Kagzi is one of the trustees of Balaji heart hospital and diagnostic center. With her dedication towards work and noble intention to serve people, Mrs. Kagzi is playing a vital role in Balaji Hospital since the beginning of the hospital. With her strong vision and planning “Balaji Hospital” & “Balaji Trust” is stepping on new heights of success

Dr. Bhatambre Govind Virbhadrappa

Dr. Bhatambre Govind Virbhadrappa

Being an experienced, dedicated medical professional Dr. Bhatambre Govind Virbhadrappa has a good reputation in many hospitals of Mumbai. As one of the members of Balaji Hospital’s board of directors, he has always given his best effort and thoughtful advice to make Balaji Hospital an excellence Medical care center. Dr. Virbhadrappa has done diploma in Anaesthesiology & Critical Care after completing his MBBS. He is engaged as doctor in critical care management and Anaesthesiologist in many hospitals in Mumbai. He is actively involved in the treatment of Paediatric Cardio Surgery for the children suffering from CHD and treating them free of cost in “Balaji Hospital.

Mr. Nanik.P.Rajwani

Mr. Nanik.P.Rajwani

Mr. Nanik.P.Rajwani is one of the core members of our board of directors. With his dynamic personality and noble thoughts to serve people he has made himself an integral part of “Balaji Foundation”. After completing bachelors in Arts and Law Mr. Rajwani worked with Union Bank Of India as asst. General Manager for few years and then decided to peruse his law carrier to help poor to get justice. As he realized medical treatment is a major problem faced by underprivileged group of society he decided to do something for them and joined hands with Balaji Hospital & Balaji charitable trust. Till the day he joined with Balaji Hospital his effective work has helped Balaji Hospital to step on the success ladder.


Mr. Mithun Pujari

A former banker, media planner, a dedicated social entrepreneur is the mind behind the whole campaign of Little Heart Beats. Mr. Pujari has worked with prestigious banks like ABN AMRO Bank for 6 years and then he left his well-settled career and took a risk of working towards his passion for creativity. After leaving his banking Carrier Mr. Pujari joined media planning companies like “Nine winds media Pvt. Ltd” and left his job as the head of media planning.  

Later on, he founded his own media company named “Absolute music Pvt Ltd” which has worked with many big Bollywood projects. Working closely with few scripts on the topics of eye donation, women empowerment and other social issues he realized that he has the potential to bring changes in people’s life with his experience and knowledge he has gain thus he started “Absolute Media & CAUSE MEDIA ” which is completely dedicated working towards the social cause. Mr. Pujari has undertaken many projects related to social cause under MYSPARK  and “Little Heart Beats” is one of his pet project for which he is sincerely giving his best effort.