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What Is CHD? (Congenital Heart Diseases)

  • Congenital Heart Diseases that is well known as CHD is a heart defect that transpires since birth. Mostly CHD children are born with unusual structured heart, extensive blood vessels or may have holes between chamber partitions.
  • Though there is no accurate status report on CHD but a study says about 78,000 infants born with CHD die every year in India and pediatric experts says around 1.5 lakh children born in India every year with Congenital Heart Defects.


We are operating children who are suffering by CHD in India.









About Balaji

“Balaji Hospital” is a name of trust and excellence in health care world and served million people till now. With around 100 beds it’s a multi-specialty health care situated in Byculla, south Mumbai surrounded by greenery and serene view.

Doctor Ramesh S. Kagzi

Man Behind Balaji

Dr. Ramesh S Kagzi; the man behind “Balaji Foundation” is the chairman and founder of Balaji Heart Hospital & Diagnostic Centre. Dr. Kagzi has an MBBS and MS degree from Mumbai Medical College and has almost 30 years of experience in Surgery field

  • Over 2000 open heart surgeries of children have been successfully done under supervision of  Dr. Kagzi out of which 900 are done free of cost for the underprivileged
  • 1000 dialysis have been done for free of cost by Dr. Kagzi
  • Conducted hundreds of free medical camps for departments like cardiology, urology, neurosurgery, Nephrology and Pulmonology.

Man Behind littlehartbeats

Mr. Mithun Pujari; a treasure of intelligence, creativity and the owner of two business organization named "Absolute Media" & "Cause Media" which is completely dedicated working towards social issues. Mr. Pujari has undertaken many social welfare projects amongst which little heart beats is one of his pet project which has been completely developed and designed by Mr. Pujari.

Balaji foundation

Our Mission

“Balaji Foundation” is a non-governmental and non-profitable registered social service organization committed to serving the little children fighting with heart diseases. Our aim is to identify and reach those underprivileged children who are fighting with CHD since birth. Our motto is to give them a combination of diagnosis, surgery and treatment ensuring the highest level of medical care and bring them back to the mainstream of life.

Process We Follow:

We have around 15 district centres all over Maharashtra and have many volunteers work for us to identify children fighting with CHD. We mainly focus on:


There are 500+ dedicated volunteers who are happily connected with us. Our volunteers focus on rural areas and slums; they conduct health campaign at those places and visits people’s houses to identify children suffering from CHD.

Health Care Centres

There is a tie-up with few small health care centers and clinics that referred children to us when they come across any child with Congenital Heart Defects. We are trying to set few more tie-ups with such health care centers.

Health Camps

Under the supervision of our top cardio specialists, we organize health camps in rural and slum areas to identify children struggling with CHD. In these health camps we do a routine check-up and from there the probable children suffering from CHD is referred to our hospital.

Educational Institutions

With the coordination of district health care authorities, we organize surveys on children studying in state-run Govt. schools. A team of medical professionals from each district in association with the district coordinator carries out 100% screening of the schools and do the health checkup.


Tax Benefit

As per the CSR & Companies Act, U/s 80G of Income Tax Act,1962 govt. gives companies tax relaxation if they are funding for any social cause.

CSR Consumption

As per the mandate of the Companies Act, 2013 govt. has made it mandatory to spend 2% of the profit for all those companies whose annual turnover is more than 500 Crores. By supporting our mission you will achieve your goal of coming under this act.


Your CSR initiative can bring your company a brand identity. We are committed to giving you the best corporate partnership by branding you and getting you more improved public image.

Part of A Noble Cause

The highest use of capital is not to make money but to use the money for the betterment of lives who need it. We brought you an opportunity to be a part of this noble cause and pay back your bit to the society. Join hands with us and follow the rule of humanity.