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Q: What is CHD ?


CHD standards for Congenital Heart Defects; which means the heart problem present at birth. Mostly CHD children are born with unusual structured heart, extensive blood vessels or may have holes between chamber partitions.

Q: What are the symptoms of CHD ?

Answer :

Though a child having CHD looks complete normal as other children; there are few symptoms vary from normal children. A child having CHD can have faster breathing, poor weight gain, feed intolerance, blueness around lips, nails and tongue etc.  Children having these symptoms need a detail examination.

Q:How common is Congenital Heart Defect ?


CHDs are the most common birth defects and a major cause of child death. A study says about 78,000 infants born with CHD die every year in India and paediatric experts says around 1.5 lakh children born in India every year with Congenital Heart Defects

Q: What is the success rate of CHD surgeries ?


About 25% of children born with critical congenital heart defects need an operation within the first year of their birth. With the developed treatment procedure, diagnosis and surgery


Q:How Does A Pediatric Cardiologist Diagnose Heart Defects ?


By performing a thorough physical examination mostly from X-ray chest, ECG, Doppler echocardiography, and cardiac catheterisation cardiologists diagnose CHD.

Q:How can I help ?


You can support our mission by donating us to spread a smile on the lips of those children who are fighting with CHD. No matter you are a person or organization; we have various options for you to collaborate with us. You can get a details information how to donate @donation page link

Q: As an individual can I do a small contribution ?


Yes, you can donate us anything as per your capability and willingness as we care more about your gracious intentions more than the amount of money you donate. We believe every penny you denote will be helpful for us to continue our mission.

Q: What happens with my donation?


All your donation you send to “Balaji Foundation” is spending on the surgery, medication, lab equipment and diagnosis process of children getting operated in “Balaji Heart Hospital &Diagnosis Centre”

Q:Will I get a tax deduction??


Surely you can get tax benefits, under section 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961 every taxpayer can claim tax deduction by providing the donation receipt. Hence you can also claim for the same with our receipt that is provided to all our donors.

Q:My company/organization is interested in making CSR partnership with you, how can we continue??


Balaji Foundation is open to such partnership and provides various options to join hands with us. You can get all the information and steps to begin your CSR partnership with us from our CSR/Donation page, give a visit to @donation or CSR page link.